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Workshops for Key Stage 2 Science – addressing the concerns of Ofsted

By Jasmine Hinton posted 25 days ago


Why you might choose to book an all-day science workshop

Ofsted’s review

In Oftsed’s recent report they have highlighted how many primary schools are struggling to provide high-quality learning experiences in science. The following workshops have been carefully designed to address many of the aspects of the programme of study. In a very hands-on manner, the children will definitely develop their understanding of the science knowledge, as well as their range of scientific skills.

With 26 years of experience of teaching and advising in primary science, Andrew Berry is well placed to enhance the children’s learning in this amount of time. Andrew has been delivering science workshops in primary schools for the past 8 years. He knows that the key to enabling the children to learn is to make sure that there are plenty of practical resources, that children will learn in groups of three or less, and that the discovery of scientific understanding is complemented by clear and interesting explanations.

Engaging learning

All workshops will be fully resourced with a plethora of scientific equipment. Working in small groups, the children will encounter hands-on science for the entire day.

The vast majority of primary schools that have booked a workshop in the past have rebooked year after year.

Available in the Hertfordshire area

    1. Rocks – Year 3
    2. States of Matter – Year 4
    3. Forces – Year 5
    4. Electricity – Year 6

      Contact details and booking workshops

      If you would like to make a booking, or you have further questions, please contact Andrew Berry at


      All days cost £320

      There will no charges for cancellations made due to Covid 19 -related issues as long as these cancellations are at least 2 working days before the day.