Hester Binge

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I come from the strong grounding of the primary classroom where I was lucky enough to teach Science in every year group. I was able to share my great love for science with teachers and children alike in order to enthuse and support them to experience the science in their everyday lives.

 My teaching experiences have allowed me to teach children all over the country both in the school setting and in Science centres . I have had a variety of roles from Science Subject Leader, Senior Management team,  Behaviour Manager, Associate lecturer for Primary Science Teacher Training and  Primary Science Teaching & Learning Consultant for Bolton LA .

 I have a wide variety of experience, from creating bespoke support for a wide variety of schools, writing & delivering courses for Teacher CPD across the country, writing transition units and schemes of work, writing & running workshops for children & teachers to attend, working with LAs and Alliances to support teachers’ science knowledge, organising and delivering Science Conferences and delivering courses in the various Science Learning Centres across the UK. I hold the Senior Stem Facilitator Mark and also the Online Stem Facilitator Mark.

 Throughout my teaching career, I have had an interest in well-being and mindfulness to reduce stress, anxiety and other mental health issues that are barriers to teaching and learning. I have been involved in the design and delivery of a number of well-being programmes in schools and behavioural units. As a Behaviour manager, I have used techniques such as guided meditations and breathing to successfully help children cope. I am also a Mental Health England First Aid Trainer.

I now run my  own consultancy business called Education Guru
In my spare time, I ride my horses and love to board game and I also run a holiday cottage in the beautiful countryside of Dumfries and Galloway.