Bioscience Lite – teaching genomics in the classroom

By Jasmine Hinton posted 14-09-2021 15:48


We’re delighted to invite biology teachers and educators to join our newly refreshed Bioscience Lite programme. 

Bioscience Lite is an online CPD programme designed to support teachers' understanding and confidence of genomics, biology and biodata topics. 

The programme has two main elements - an online talk series, and a free online learning portal. The monthly talks provide an opportunity to hear from, talk and ask questions to a scientist from the Wellcome Genome Campus, and discuss with other educators ideas, resources and misconceptions about the topic in the classroom. The online portal provides a space to access free resources and to further discuss the topics with the community. 

We recommend that you allow 3 hours per month to attend the talks and try out resources, but the programme is flexible and once registered you can dip in and out at times to suit your needs. 

To find out more about the programme, and to apply to take part for free, visit: or email