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  • Fab actionable content for primary and secondary teachers! STEM Learnings regional network lead Ajay Sharman is joined by Abbie Sealey, apprentice clinical physiologist in neurophysiology at East Kent Hospitals University NHS Foundation Trust - both proud STEM Ambassadors. Abbie discusses how STEM Ambassadors visiting her school inspired her to follow a STEM career path and chats about her apprenticeship journey so far. Theres also a STEM Community summary including our new CPD Bites plus featured resources. 0.00 Intro 0.38-14.57 Ajay and Abbie 15.00-17.45 STEM Community summary
  • Fab actionable content for primary and secondary teachers! The first half provides tips for incorporating books to help primary children learn online safety. Primary teacher Joanne Low joins Sarah Zaman, national cybersecurity primary specialist at the NCCE, to discuss strategies and resources alongside Steve Castle, Marketing & Communications Lead at STEM Learning.  Then, STEM Learnings mathematics subject specialist Michael Anderson chats to Leanne Mason, Science PGCE Lead at University of York, and secondary teacher Paula Kelly to provide tips for supporting biology teachers with maths content. 0.00-0.47 Intro 0.48-15.00 Using books to teach primary children online safety 15.20-25.28 Using maths to support biology teachers 25.29-27.57 Summary including new, themed online CPD videos on STEM Community, Explorify for Inclusion and resources linked to key awareness days
  • Meganne Christian, astronaut with the European Space Agency, chats to our enrichment programme manager Alex Brown about her amazing career. Also, our STEM enrichment lead Tom Lyons provides ideas on how teachers can use Mars Day on 5 March to inspire young people - one featuring Meganne!
  • Our education lead for mathematics Michael Anderson joins Dr Laura Bonnett, proud STEM Ambassador and senior lecturer in medical statistics at University of Liverpool, to provide ideas and insight around inspiring young people to love numbers. Digressions include the benefits of learning to code at primary, and penguin poo...     
  • Tanya Shields is joined by two special guests from the Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) - Katie Luxton and Grace Coker - to discuss the improving primary science guidance report  and how teachers can use its recommendations to make a real impact in the classroom.

In each podcast episode, an Explorify Engagement Leader hosts a conversation about an aspect of primary science with a guest expert.

  • Learn about professional development opportunities in primary science with Explorify Engagement Leader Robin James and Tanya Shields from STEM Learning.  Information and links to resources mentioned in this podcast can be found ⁠here .⁠ Visit the ⁠⁠Explorify website⁠⁠ .
  • Learn about how you can make the most of the communities in primary science with Explorify Engagement Leader Jo Moore and Alex Sinclair and Paul Tyler from The Association for Science Education.  Information and links to resources mentioned in this podcast can be found here. Visit the ⁠Explorify website⁠ .
  • Improve your confidence in practical science with this discussion from Explorify Engagement Leader Becky Ellis and Amanda Poole and Nas Prabatani from The Ogden Trust. Information and links to resources mentioned in this podcast can be found here . Visit the Explorify website .
  • Join Explorify Engagement Leader Stacey Reid as she talks to Hayley Sherrard and Jamie Menzies from the Scottish Schools Education Research Centre (SSERC) all about Young STEM Leaders. Information and links to resources mentioned in this podcast can be found ⁠⁠here. ⁠⁠ Visit the Explorify website .
  • Explorify Engagement Leader Becky Ellis hosts a discussion with Sarah Earle from Bath Spa University. Join them as they chat about assessment in primary science. Information and links to resources mentioned in this podcast can be found ⁠⁠here.⁠⁠ Visit the Explorify website .

Zwittering On - Podcast – Podtail

Explore the chemistry of our common human experience in Zwittering On. Each week, hosts Mariama Ifode-Blease and Sam Dada welcome a student to interview a guest expert on the chemistry behind a different topic each week. We want to uncover how chemistry affects our everyday lives by breaking down the science so anyone can understand. 

I Can't Do Maths - Part 3

The NCETM Maths Podcast, from the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics, invites teachers, maths experts and anyone with a passion for teaching maths to talk about topics that shine a light on great maths teaching. With ideas for classroom activities, inspirational stories of careers in maths, and lively debates on contemporary topics, the NCETM podcast has something for everyone.

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