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    Weekly STEM Education Roundup (4th June - 11th June 2024) Introduction Welcome to this week's roundup of the latest news in STEM education, aimed at keeping teachers in the UK informed and inspired. This week, we've covered a range of stories from educational policies to innovative teaching practices. Let's dive into the key updates and insights ...

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    LEGO and New Scientist: Save the gibbons competition Gibbons spend most of their lives high in the trees, rarely coming down to the forest floor. This means they need dense forests to travel from place to place to find food and mates, and they have trouble crossing areas cleared of trees or broken up by roads. Can you come up with an idea ...

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    Welcome to this week’s news round up for UK STEM educators. This post covers recent news stories between 28th May and 4th June 2024, focusing on education while highlighting notable STEM-related updates. Each story is summarized with a hyperlink to the original article for further reading. Finally, we offer a reflections section to provide some thought-provoking ...

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    Our fantastic range of CPD for the new academic year, run by our trusted STEM teaching experts, features more options and a greater choice across the STEM subjects for teachers and technicians than ever before – which means you can ensure that CPD fits into your busy schedule. We’ve listened to your feedback, and we’re fully aware of the many challenges ...

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    Hi folks! I’m very excited to launch our Summer Term competition… Sponsored by Dassault Systèmes, the 3DExperience company Are you ready to make your educational displays "take flight"? This is your chance to showcase your creativity and educational prowess in our classroom display competition and win TWO TICKETS to the world-renowned Farnborough ...

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