#Tagging and @Mentioning

Introduction to Hashtagging on the STEM Community

Online communities have become a vital platform for educators to share resources, discuss best practices, and collaborate on innovative ideas. One of the most effective tools to streamline this communication is the hashtag. Originating on social media, hashtags are now an integral part of many online platforms.

Why Use a Hashtag?

  1. Categorisation: Hashtags help categorise content. For STEM Community members, this means easily finding resources or discussions related to a specific topic.
  2. Visibility: Using popular and relevant hashtags can increase the visibility of your posts, making them accessible to a broader audience.
  3. Engagement: Hashtags can foster community engagement. By clicking on a specific hashtag, members can view all posts associated with that topic and join the conversation.
  4. Trending Topics: Hashtags can help identify trending topics in the STEM community, allowing members to stay updated with the latest discussions and innovations.

Examples of Suitable Hashtags for the STEM Community:

  1. #Resources: For sharing teaching materials, lesson plans, and other educational tools.
  2. #Experiments: To showcase hands-on experiments and activities that educators can incorporate into their curriculum.
  3. #TechInClassroom: Discussions about integrating technology into teaching, from using tablets to virtual reality.
  4. #WomenInSTEM: Highlighting the achievements of women in STEM fields and discussing ways to encourage more female participation.
  5. #TechniciansTopTips: For STEM technicians to share top tips and ideas. (Also consider adding #TechniciansMakeItHappen or #Techognician to celebrate these threads)
  6. Subject specific content: #Chemistry, #Biology, #Physics, #PrimaryStem, #Computing, #Maths 
  7. Awareness days: #POP23, #GirlsInComputing

Hashtags are a powerful tool for STEM Community members. They not only help organise content but also foster collaboration and community building. So the next time you share a post, consider adding a hashtag to connect with like-minded members and amplify your message!


The Power of @Mentioning in Online Communities

In the STEM Community like many online platforms and social media, the "@" symbol followed by a username, commonly referred to as "@mentioning," is a tool to directly address or notify a specific individual.

For STEM Community members, @mentioning can be particularly useful in open groups. By @mentioning a colleague or expert, you can draw their attention to a discussion, question, or resource, ensuring that they are notified of your reference to them. This prompts direct communication and encourages active participation. For instance, if an educator is sharing a resource and wants feedback from a peer who has expertise in that area, they can @mention that peer to ask for their input. Similarly, @mentioning can be used to give credit to original content creators or to highlight contributions from members within the community. In essence, it's a digital nudge, a way to say, "Hey, this might interest you!" or "I would like your opinion on this." 

To @mention a member simply hit @ and then start typing the members name (do not leave a space), a pop up will appear listing suggested members, keep typing until you see the correct member then click their link.