STEM Clubs climate change project brings Scottish and Brazilian schools together

By Jasper Common posted 13-01-2023 16:23

Several schools recently took part in the STEM Clubs Climate Change project, an ambitious venture which saw a school from the UK link up with a school in Brazil. Pupils from each school investigated the impact of climate change in their countries through available climate data, looking deeper at how the climate has changed historically, as well as using this to predict future impacts and come up with ideas to mitigate damage. They then compared their findings with each other to improve their understanding of the variable influences that climate change can have.

At Woodfarm High School, a secondary school in Glasgow, 12 students in a STEM Club were twinned with Honorina de Carvalho Municipal School in Brazil. John Murray, Principal Teacher for STEAM Initiatives at Woodfarm High, explained how taking part in the project had impacted his students’ research skills, perceptions of climate change, and knowledge of education in Brazil.

He said: “Pupils are now far more aware of a globalised climate emergency. The testament of their peers in Brazil, given common age and dynamic, has helped to contextualise the similarity of their own lives, futures, and climate-related problems which they will have to face together."

The school have gone a step further in their partnership, using this initial project to create a further relationship with their Brazilian counterparts. They are embarking on another STEM project on eco-architecture and sustainability, as well as extending their partnership across the curriculum to include art, English literature and physical education. This partnership has been supported by senior leadership and has attracted further interest within the STEM industry.

Asked what advice he would give other schools who are considering expanding their STEM enrichment offer, John said: “The STEM enrichment offer has truly been the most memorable experience for our pupils, but also has been the most exciting opportunity I have personally experienced in my long career.”

Read more about the project between the schools here.

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17-01-2023 13:24

There were a number of schools involved on the project from the UK partnering with Brazilian schools. The climate change reports produced by all the students were excellent, with students demonstrating good data analysis skills, scientific investigation and a clear understanding of the issues brought about through climate change. They are all to be congratulated.