Oxford University science video competition for 16-18s

By Karen Hornby posted 14-04-2021 18:56

A message from Kathryn Boast, University of Oxford

I'm an outreach officer at Oxford University, and I run a competition that challenges 16-18s to make a two-minute video about an "Unsung Hero of Science". It's a brilliant showcase of some lesser-known scientists, combined with some highly creative videography! The top prize has yet to be announced, but in the past has been behind-the-scenes visits at the BBC and Channel 4.  In addition, shortlisted creators will receive a signed copy of Angela Saini's "Superior". 

If you have any scope to share details of the competition with relevant people, I would be hugely grateful. The deadline for entries is 30th April. More info below, and the competition webpage is here: