Make your ideas with the NCCE's new physical computing kits!

By Nicola Chapman posted 27-09-2021 08:50


Physical computing kits are now available to borrow free of charge from the National Centre for Computing Education's 34 Computing Hubs!

The kits are split into trays, by type of device. Each tray is suitable for teachers to get started with physical computing at different key stages:

  • Crumble trays – aimed at Key Stage 2
  • Micro:bit trays – aimed at Key Stages 2 and 3
  • Raspberry Pi Pico trays – aimed at Key Stage 4
  • Raspberry Pi 3B+ trays – aimed at Key Stage 4
To find out more about the kits, accompanying resources and how to book them, read this article. 

New to physical computing?
If you are new to physical computing, the NCCE has launched three new face-to-face courses to accompany the arrival of the kits that will introduce you to the Crumble, micro:bit, and Raspberry Pi Pico:

There are also some fantastic online courses available: