Why you should join the thousands of teachers becoming a STEM Learning Professional Development Leader

By Paul Thornton posted 17-04-2024 09:14

Why not join the thousands of teachers and former teachers in becoming a STEM Learning Professional Development Leader (PDL)? There are so many personal and professional benefits to becoming a PDL– such as truly giving back to the profession while developing a rich career path that draws upon your classroom experience – and your school and/or trust will feel the positive impact too! It’s ideal for experienced teachers who want to move their subject forward and develop a twin-track career. 
The supports teachers to gain the highly respected CPD Quality Mark accreditation. Through this, you’ll develop valuable experience in developing and supporting others. It’s also the perfect way of engaging with the very latest research in teaching, learning and leadership. You’ll become more skilled at evaluating the impact of interventions in the classroom, develop and be part of a network of specialists in teacher development – and you’ll be paid for your time of course, plus expenses. 
Once you’ve achieved the CPD Quality Mark, and if the time is right for you, you then have the option to progress to Lead or Senior PDL, allowing you to support, mentor or coach leaders in schools and school trusts. 
This means you become an expert in supporting other teachers and subject leaders, and helping schools and trusts to improve. There are also opportunities to specialise in topics through our specialist support modules. You’ll gain capability and confidence working face-to-face and online, supporting subject knowledge, pedagogy and leadership development. You’ll gain consultancy skills, effective ways to establish the needs of other schools and formulate a package of support to address them, engaging senior leaders in STEM provision. 
That’s not all – your school will benefit from your PDL role in several ways. You’ll bring the latest research and evidence-based approaches back to your own school and be able to apply high-quality approaches to professional development, benefitting colleagues as you share best practice – ultimately improving outcomes and reducing workloads. You’ll able to run STEM Learning and National Centre for Computing Education (NCCE) CPD direct to schools within your school trust. Also, by becoming a PDL you join other PDLs on STEM Community, enabling you to contribute to discussions and collaborate around STEM education, plus PDL Meets and PDL Conferences. 
If you’d like to take the next step towards leading teacher development, or you’re already an experienced facilitator wanting to know the right stage of CPD Quality Mark accreditation for you, get in touch. 



Hi,  I completed the PDL courses but now I have just been left to it.  I have no idea how to sign up to get booked in to lead courses or what the next steps are.  I don't see any sort of PDL links on my dashboards.  Help appreciated!

14 days ago

Similar to a previous comment the lack of availability of the face to face part of the course in certain areas of the country is a barrier - I would even be happy with London (I'm in Sussex) but there isn't even anything there!  It is a shame that the first part has to be face to face if you are not able to provide these around the country.

19-04-2024 08:48

Can't access the (first) link... "access denied"?

18-04-2024 08:21


Looking at this, all of your courses are WAYYYY south of us: are there any planned for even near Newcastle, please?