Support for students getting their GCSE results

By Ruth Le Breton posted 23-08-2023 15:15


When students open their GCSE results tomorrow they will undoubtedly be feeling both excited and nervous, wondering if they've achieved what they hoped for, and what their next steps are going to be. If, as predicted, fewer top grades are awarded, some students will be disappointed. Others may do better than they expected. Whatever the outcome, it will be more important than ever for students to have plenty of opportunities to discuss their options with teachers, family and friends so they can carefully consider what to do next.

It can also be helpful for students to have guidance from someone outside of their immediate support network who can provide a different perspective and perhaps offer an insight into career paths that students might not even be aware of or have considered taking themselves.

STEM Learning's national online mentoring scheme, in partnership with The Brightside Trust, is a great way for students to explore their future career options by chatting with trained and experienced STEM professionals. The programme starts on Monday 9 October and runs for 10-weeks.

Participating young people have the opportunity to:

  • meet an inspiring role model
  • ask for careers advice
  • learn more about potential careers
  • learn about the skills that are important in the workplace
  • consider their next steps.

We will be holding a webinar via Teams on Thursday 21 September for teachers who are interested in finding out more about how online mentoring works - you can sign-up for this webinar and find out more information about the programme