Get your students involved in the RPS climate career zone

By Steve Castle posted 02-09-2021 14:27

RPS’ climate career zone

The virtual learning zone is aimed at 12-14-year-olds and will be freely available from mid-October. Visiting schools across the UK and Ireland, RPS colleagues and STEM Ambassadors will be hosting workshops which will include an introductory scene setting presentation, a live navigation of the virtual COP26 themed learning zone, an interactive activity and careers Q&A.

The virtual and interactive learning experience will explain how different parts of the built and natural environment will need to adapt to climate change. Students will be able to navigate between two main elements, interacting with pop-up facts, short animations, video interviews, illustrations and infographics. 

A virtual ‘city of the future’ - this will showcase climate adaptation and mitigation measures that are required to meet the goals of the Paris Agreement.

A careers zone – presenting a range of different career paths students could follow to drive the required change.

Students will be given the opportunity to make their own Climate Pledge.

·        RPS is offering the option of a face-to-face session for up to 30 students; or a virtual session for up to 100 students.
·        The sessions will be approximately 45 minutes in length but can be tailored to suit a lesson time
·        For online sessions, Teams will be used, and a projector will be needed for sessions face to face
·        Every pupil will need a laptop or iPad to navigate round the zone in these sessions

To get involved, please complete this form by no later than 30 September.