'How to be an innovator' workshop with Gitanjali Rao

By Steve Castle posted 23-09-2021 16:44


Gitanjali Rao is an inventor, author, scientist, engineer and STEM promoter. Chosen as Times’s first ever Kid of the Year, she has been using technology to tackle issues ranging from contaminated drinking water to opioid addiction and cyber bullying. She now dedicates her time to creating a global community of young innovators to solve the problems that inspire and excite them.

Together with the Royal Academy of Engineering, she will be leading an interactive session, introducing innovation and creative real-world problem solving. The session will give students an understanding of the role innovation has in engineering solutions and get them started on their journey through the Sustainable Futures Innovation Challenge.

Watch the intro film to give you an idea of what the workshop will be all about.

This workshop is aimed at teachers and students aged between 9 to 14, register here.