Chemists honoured with Nobel Prize - and we've got free resources linked to their fields of study

By Steve Castle posted 06-10-2021 15:57

The latest 2021 Nobel Prize - for Chemistry - has been awarded to Benjamin List and David MacMillan for their work on building mirror image molecules - check out this BBC News story for more.

We've got various free resources linked to their areas of study, links below...

Nobel prize winners 2021


Organocatalysis is where an organic molecule increases the rate of a reaction and reduces the need for more traditional metal-based catalysts. Asymmetric catalysis occurs where the organocatalyst has stereoisomers.  This means that there are 2 forms of the molecule which are mirror images, like your right and left hand.

At STEM Learning we have a number of resources to help teachers to deliver the topics of rates of reaction and stereoisomers.

Resources on rates of reaction –

University of York Science Education Group resources on common misconceptions when teaching rates of reaction and how to overcome them.

Age 14-16

Resources on stereoisomers more suitable for post 16 students

Age 14-18

Age 14-18

Age 16-18