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'ESA Champions' award initiative launched

By Steve Castle posted 28-10-2021 10:19


Whether you are hosting a YouTube channel about space or volunteering to speak at your local school, we want to recognise and reward your passion and advocacy for space.

Our new ESA Champions initiative will honour outstanding contributions to communicating about space in Europe with unique awards and give you the chance to become part of an exclusive network of space enthusiasts, as well as win some awesome prizes.

We’ll be monitoring social media over the next few months for creative representations of your passion for space in Europe, in particular on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, LinkedIn and Pinterest.

If you’re an artist who paints or draws space-themed pieces, a writer who publishes short stories about space or a vlogger who posts videos, now is your chance to be recognised.

The categories we’ll be looking in are:

  • Video: a YouTube series, movie or short film
  • Artwork: painting, music piece, drawing, sculpture, collage, photography (traditional as well as digital art)
  • Storytelling: short story, dialogue, poem or written publication
  • Public speaking: a show, conference, festival appearance
  • Education: lessons, activities or games for your students

Use the hashtag #ESAchampion to make your work more visible to our jury. If you think your work does not fall in any of these categories, you can still share it – convince our judges to consider reviewing it (warning: they can be tough to impress).

The ESA judges will evaluate your creations on the following criteria: focus on space in Europe, originality and skills/craftsmanship. They will choose and reward 15 ‘ESA Champions’ who find creative and original ways to communicate Europe’s past, present and future missions in space.

Each winning ESA Champion will receive a plaque with their name and their winning content engraved, but the top three for each category will also be rewarded with one of these amazing prizes.

Third place will be sent an assortment of unique ESA goodies from our ESA Space Shop, second place will win a space-flown ESA mission patch with framed certificate of authenticity, and first place is an interview with an ESA astronaut, where YOU will be asking the questions! 

We’ll be watching the hashtag #ESAchampion from today, 27 October to 12 December, and the winning ESA Champions will be announced in January. So, to all you creators and communicators out there, we look forward to welcoming you, our future ESA Champions!

For more information on the Terms and Conditions for participation and our Privacy Notice please check below. If you have any questions feel free to check out our FAQ!

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