Earth Day 2021: Climate Change Educational Partnership

By Tim Bradbury posted 22-04-2021 15:14


Teach the Future's research has found that 70% of teachers feel they have not received adequate training to educate students on climate change, its implications for the environment and societies around the world, and how these implications can be addressed. Therefore, to mark Earth Day, we are proud to announce the launch of STEM Learning's Climate Change Educational Partnership!


The Climate Change Educational Partnership (CCEP) brings together partners from across education, research and the wider STEM sector to support the delivery of climate change related lessons and activities in formal and informal education settings. It aims to enhance educators' subject knowledge and understanding, so that lessons are based on scientific evidence and increase students' understanding of the science and implications of climate change. It will provide CPD courses, opportunities for schools to engage with STEM Ambassadors who work within climate change settings and STEM enrichment opportunities such as competitions and challenges.


The partnership consists of members from The Met Office, Royal Geographical Society, UK Space Agency, UKRI, NERC, BEIS, Royal Meteorological Society, European Space Agency, Raspberry Pi, The Environment Agency, The Natural History Museum and The UK Association of Science and Discovery Centres.


We are currently planning a Climate Change Teacher Conference for 24-27 May which will take place as online, twilight sessions on the themes of:


  *   What is climate change, what's causing it and evidence of climate change (science and geography)

  *   Climate change models and predictions (maths, computing and geography)

  *   Adapting and mitigating for climate change (engineering/technology and geography)

  *   Making a difference: what can we do as individuals and what projects can students get involved in (cross-curricular)


See the website for info: and contact<> with any queries.

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23-04-2021 07:48

I'd love to join in, I will take a look. 
My diary is getting full for the summer term - but hopefully I can make a session or two.  Or hopefully they will be recorded so I can do them in my own time.