Discussion of the week (secondary): Practical ideas for SEND

By Tim Bradbury posted 25-06-2021 15:25


Happy Friday one and all! Its time for discussion of the week again and this week's winner is @Laura Moyns et al, for this great discussion on differentiation and inclusion strategies for practical science teaching

In the discussion Laura asks I've been asked to run some science workshops (along the lines of practicals that involve explosions and other fun, child friendly things is what I was told) for a SEND group that I volunteer with. They're ages 5 – 19 with various learning and physical difficulties and most are in special schools rather than mainstream. The sessions are 2 hours long and their parents will be with them to help.

There have been some fantastic responses including the introduction of non-Newtonian fluids, use of augmented reality, film canister pop rockets and more.  Its wonderful to see members taking account of planning needs for students who adverse to sudden loud noises or those who have difficulty with tactile materials such as slime etc. 

Keep the responses coming everyone I'd love to see this discussion grow!

Thanks @Alistair Young, @Mark Langley @Louise Herbert @Christina Astin @Rachel Collins