Explorify Triumphs at BETT Awards 2024: A Beacon of Excellence in Primary Education

By Tim Bradbury posted 25-01-2024 09:05


In a remarkable recognition of excellence and innovation in educational technology, Explorify has clinched the prestigious Primary Free Digital Content App or Open Educational Resource Award at the BETT Awards 2024. This award not only celebrates Explorify's outstanding contribution to primary education but also underlines its pivotal role in transforming the landscape of science teaching and learning in the UK.

Explorify, a digital platform created for UK primary and early years teachers, has revolutionized the way science is taught in classrooms. By winning this award, Explorify has demonstrated its exceptional ability to blend educational efficacy with digital innovation. The platform is celebrated for making science education accessible, engaging, and effective for both teachers and pupils.

At the core of Explorify's success is its super user-friendly interface, offering over 800 activities that are perfectly aligned with the national curricula of the four UK nations. These activities require minimal preparation from teachers, yet they are rich in content and pedagogical value. They are inspired by the acclaimed ‘Thinking, Doing, Talking Science’ programme, which is known for its effectiveness in nurturing young scientists.

Explorify’s unique approach to teaching – using images, videos, sound clips, and thought-provoking questions – makes science lessons sociable, focused, and fun. This methodology not only stimulates pupils' curiosity but also enhances their observational and communication skills, preparing them to think and talk like scientists.

The BETT Awards 2024 recognition is a testament to Explorify’s commitment to improving the quality of primary science education. It highlights the platform’s role in providing teachers with the necessary tools and knowledge to deliver science lessons confidently. The award also acknowledges the way Explorify stimulates discussion, debate, and curiosity in the classroom, making it a standout choice for educators seeking quality digital resources.

The team behind Explorify, including STEM Learning and the Primary Science Teaching Trust, have expressed their elation and gratitude for this achievement. This award is a celebration of their hard work, dedication, and innovative approach to primary science education. It also serves as a thank you to the community of teachers and students who have embraced Explorify, contributing to its success and impact.

In summary, Explorify's win at the BETT Awards 2024 is more than just an accolade; it's a validation of the platform's significant impact on primary science education. It stands as a shining example of how digital resources can effectively enhance teaching and learning experiences. As Explorify continues to inspire and engage young minds, it sets a new benchmark in educational technology, proving that with the right tools, the possibilities for learning are limitless. Congratulations to Explorify on this well-deserved achievement! 🏆 #bettawards2024 #edtech