Weekly news round up: 5/3/24

By Tim Bradbury posted 05-03-2024 10:28


In the ever-evolving landscape of education, this week has brought forth a blend of innovation, policy discussions, and heartening stories from the STEM field and beyond. Here's a curated overview tailored for STEM educators in the UK, aiming to inform, inspire, and provoke thoughtful reflection.

Innovations and Achievements

  • World Book Day: Embracing Cost-Effective Celebrations
    Schools across the UK are finding creative ways to celebrate World Book Day without the financial burden on families. One headteacher in Wales suggests students wear pyjamas instead of buying new costumes, highlighting the importance of fostering a love for reading over commercialism. Read more

  • Youth Entrepreneurship Takes Centre Stage
    A 17-year-old from Wales has launched an affordable pizza business, showcasing the entrepreneurial spirit among the youth. This story can serve as an inspiration for students, blending STEM skills with business acumen. Read more

  • A University's Feline Friend Honoured
    A university in Essex has paid tribute to its beloved campus cat with a statue, a testament to the community's affection and the positive impact of pets on mental health. Read more

Policy and Advocacy

  • Debate Over Private School Tax Breaks
    A proposal to end tax breaks for private schools has sparked a conversation on educational equity and the redistribution of resources towards public education. Read more

  • Challenges for Severely Absent Children
    A report underscores the difficulties severely absent children face in obtaining social care support, advocating for a unified approach to tackle the root causes of absenteeism. Read more

  • Boost for Apprenticeship Sectors
    The Treasury has announced a £3k top-up for apprenticeships in key growth sectors, emphasizing the government's support for vocational education and the alignment of educational pathways with industry needs. Read more

Reflections and Resources

  • Implications of the Spring Budget 2024 for Schools
    With the Spring Budget's unveiling, educational leaders are calling for increased funding to address various challenges, from SEND costs to infrastructure needs. Read more

  • Utilizing Research Evidence in Education
    The Education Endowment Foundation has released a concise guide to help educators effectively collaborate with parents, a step towards enhancing evidence-based practices in teaching and learning. Read more

Reflections for Educators

This compilation of stories not only sheds light on the current state of education but also serves as a catalyst for reflection among educators. It prompts us to consider how we can nurture innovation, ensure equitable access to quality education, and strengthen our communities.


As we reflect on this week's developments, let's remain committed to leveraging these insights to enrich our teaching practices and foster a more inclusive, innovative, and inspiring educational environment for all our students.

Note: This blog post is an AI curated summary of news articles from various sources. The aim is to provide educators with a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the education sector. All hyperlinks direct readers to the original news articles for further reading.

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06-03-2024 09:23

Thank you for sharing @Tim Bradbury and great to see the newsletter is back! Particularly interested in Community members' views on using the World Book Day to discuss STEM as many Role Models in Space or Engineering have now developed interesting books about their career journey, trying to show to girls and more diverse populations that they can be these scientists, astronauts and Engineers one day as well.