Weekly news round up: 19/3/24

By Tim Bradbury posted 19-03-2024 08:54


Welcome to this week's roundup of educational news, with a special focus on STEM subjects. As teachers, staying informed about the latest developments in education can inspire our teaching methods, curriculum design, and how we engage with our students. This week, we've seen a range of stories that touch on everything from the challenges of childcare to the future of exams. Let's dive into the highlights and explore what they mean for us as educators.

The Growing Challenge of Childcare

A recent report highlighted by the BBC has brought to light the worsening childcare shortage across the UK. With fewer than a third of councils having enough spaces for children under two, the impact on early education readiness is significant. For STEM educators, this raises questions about how we can support students who may not have had access to early learning opportunities. Read the full story here.

Apprenticeships on the Rise

In a promising development for vocational education, the Prime Minister has pledged to create 20,000 more apprenticeships. This initiative, covered by BBC News, could open new pathways for students interested in STEM careers, bridging the gap between education and the workforce. It's an exciting time to consider how we can prepare our students for these opportunities. Discover more.

Academic Freedom Under Threat?

A thought-provoking piece from Sky News explores the challenges educators face in maintaining academic freedom amidst student complaints. This story is a reminder of the delicate balance we must strike in fostering an environment where challenging ideas can be explored safely and constructively. Explore the issue.

Changes in Continuous Professional Development

Schools Week reports on the 'missed opportunity' as teaching hubs lose their CPD role. For STEM subjects, where ongoing education is crucial, this could impact how teachers keep up with rapid advancements. Read the full article.

Policy Changes in Apprenticeships

FE Week brings news of a significant policy change that aims to make it easier for SMEs to take on apprentices. This could increase opportunities for students in vocational and technical education paths, including STEM. Learn about the changes.

The Future of Exams

In an exclusive interview with Tes Magazine, Sir Ian Bauckham, interim chief regulator at Ofqual, discusses the importance of maintaining traditional examination methods alongside digital innovations. This conversation is particularly relevant for STEM educators. Read Sir Ian's insights.

Cognitive Science in the Classroom

The Education Endowment Foundation offers a fascinating look at how cognitive science principles can be applied to enhance learning. For teachers looking to integrate evidence-based strategies into their classrooms, this is a must-read. Dive into the details.

Reflections for Teachers

As we reflect on these stories, let's consider how they impact our practice:

  • How can we adapt to the evolving educational landscape, especially in light of the childcare crisis and the shift towards digital assessments?
  • What role can we play in preparing our students for the increasing number of apprenticeships and vocational opportunities?
  • How do we navigate the challenges to academic freedom while ensuring our classrooms remain spaces for open and constructive exploration?
  • In what ways can we apply cognitive science principles to improve student learning outcomes in STEM?

This week's news offers much to ponder and discuss. As educators, staying informed and reflective on these developments can help us better support our students and contribute to the broader educational community. Let's continue the conversation and explore these topics further in our classrooms and professional networks.

Note: This blog post is an AI curated summary of news articles from various sources. The aim is to provide educators with a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the education sector. All hyperlinks direct readers to the original news articles for further reading.

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