Weekly news round up: 26/03/24

By Tim Bradbury posted 26-03-2024 08:58


Hey there, STEM educators and curious minds! 🌟

We've had quite a week in the world of education, haven't we? From college cuts to ground-breaking educational trials, the news is buzzing with stories that touch the very core of what we do in the classroom. So, grab your cup of coffee, and let's dive into the updates from the past week, March 20th to 26th, 2024. I promise to keep it light, insightful, and yes, a tad less formal.

Breaking Down the Barriers in Education

First up, we've got a situation brewing over the college cuts in Scotland, hinting at a rocky road ahead for widening access to higher education. The BBC shared a piece that's got us thinking about the hurdles our students face in reaching those STEM dreams. Check it out here. Let's ponder on how we, as the guiding stars in their educational journey, can light up alternate pathways. Maybe it's about fostering partnerships with local tech companies or organizing community-led science fairs?

Classroom Conversations: Navigating the Tightrope of Inclusivity and Free Speech

Sky News brought to our attention a teacher's tribunal that's sparking debates far and wide about inclusivity versus freedom of speech in our classrooms. It's a delicate dance, isn't it? How do we ensure our STEM classes are spaces where every student feels seen yet keep the dialogue open and respectful? Here's a thought: perhaps starting each term with a collaborative agreement on class conduct might be a step in the right direction. Read more about the story here.

The Future Looks Bright

Schools Week is talking about the new special free schools on the block and a review of the 2023 SATs. It's refreshing to see steps being taken towards inclusive education. For us STEM educators, it's a nudge to think creatively about our lesson plans. How can we make physics, math, or coding lessons more accessible and engaging for all learners? Dive into the discussion here.

Apprenticeships: The New Frontier

FE Week's insights into the shake-up in further education and apprenticeships, especially the Manchester provider’s AEB contracts termination, remind us of the evolving landscape of STEM education pathways. It's exciting to think about the possibilities this opens up for hands-on learning. Maybe it's time to bring more real-world STEM challenges into the classroom? Catch up on the full scoop here.

When External Challenges Creep Into the Classroom

Tes Magazine has shed light on how cuts to social services are impacting school exclusions. It's a stark reminder of the external challenges our students bring into the classroom. In our STEM corners, can we be the safe haven? Perhaps incorporating more team-based projects where students can lean on each other might foster a sense of belonging. Find the full article here.

Evidence-Based Magic

And finally, the Education Endowment Foundation is out here with resources that feel like finding a treasure chest for us educators. It's all about making evidence-based practices a part of our teaching arsenal. Imagine the impact on our STEM classes! Check out their latest resources here.

So, What's Next?

As we wrap up this weekly digest, let's reflect on how these stories shape our roles as educators. In the coming weeks, challenge yourself to try at least one new strategy in your classroom. Whether it's a new way to discuss current events in science, a hands-on project that brings theory to life, or simply taking a moment to listen to the diverse voices in your classroom – every small step counts towards building a more inclusive, engaging, and enriching STEM education.

Stay curious, stay inspired, and see you in the next update! 🚀

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