Valuing the Impact of Science CPD

By Wayne Jarvis posted 11-10-2021 09:06


The publication of STEM Learning’s latest independent evaluation, Valuing the impact of science CPD looks at the social value created through the direct impact of teachers engaging with STEM Learning CPD – and the subsequent impact on the pupils that they teach. The evaluation used the robust guidance issued by HM Treasury, called The Green Book, on how to appraise policies, programmes and projects to calculate the economic and social value generated by our science CPD for teachers.

The evaluation concludes that investment in science CPD more than pays for itself through increased earnings and tax contributions as a result of improved attainment and progression of students in STEM - as well as improved teacher wellbeing and retention. The latter reduces expenditure on recruiting and training new teachers.

 The key findings of the evaluation are:

  • STEM Learning science CPD leads to an estimated £441m worth of social value benefits (see table ES1 in the report). The majority of these are student benefits as a result of future wages or additional taxes paid by these individuals. A smaller proportion of the benefits are centred around teachers, and particularly those relating to teacher retention.

  • Progression to STEM A levels leads to the largest wage premium for young people (£31k per student), however achievement of Key stage 2 science expectations is also highly impactful (£22k per student). The findings show that it is most (financially) beneficial for students to take STEM A levels. It is, however, still important to support pupils at all stages of education. The evaluation identifies that around 13% of young people who do not achieve the expected standard at KS2 are already predicted to be financially worse off throughout their lifetime than peers who have achieved the expected standard.

  • Government investment in science CPD leads to a return on investment of over 2,200%. STEM Learning science programmes have received £19 million of DfE funding during the three year period of the report. With £441 million of social value generated in this period, the return on investment is significant.

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