Points and Badges

All about points and badges

How to earn points

You’ll earn points for your activities on the STEM Community! See the list of engagement items below that will add points to your profile:

Profile Completion


Feeding back to others

Kudos points

Profile Photo
10 Points

Start a discussion 
6 Points

Comment on a resource
4 Points
Your content has been liked by the Community
2 Points

10 Points

Share a resource
8 Points
Reply to Discussion
3 Points

Area of Expertise /Subject Specialism
10 Points

Viewed a resource
1 Point

Job History
5 Points

Contact Invitation Sent
1 Point

Education Details
5 Points

Contact Invitation Accepted
1 Point

What are you interested in learning more about?
10 Points


Your points add up, and over time you will be rewarded with badges in recognition of your activity and participation in the community.