COMPETITION: Reimagine Clean Energy

By Ajay Sharman posted 07-09-2023 08:43


We’re inviting students and teachers alike to embark on a journey to  tackle the global climate challenge.

Our mission: To ignite the imagination and to inspire a future generation of changemakers who will lead us towards a net zero world.

Here’s the scoop: We’re encouraging young people to unleash their imagination, get creative and craft captivating animations that propose solutions for a greener planet, with the goal of netzero in mind. Whether you’re a science whiz, an arts enthusiast, or a bit of both, this competition is your canvas for creativity. Make your imagination to come to life on screen!

💡 Calling all schools: The competition welcomes secondary schools from across the UK to dive into the world of clean energy and explore the magic of science and animation.

🤝 Team up: Form teams of up to five (5) young, enquiring minds and bring your combined talents to create something extraordinary. This is your chance to collaborate and create magic together.

🎥 Animate your ideas: Create up to three (3) minutes of video explaining an exciting scientific concept that is relevant to the net zero mission. This could be an animation, stop motion or video, with original illustrations and narrative explaining each scene.

🏆 The grand celebration: Three teams will be invited to the final awards ceremony in London next summer. Entrants must be able to attend, and a date will be confirmed shortly.

🌟 Guided by ambassadors: Each school will be paired with a dedicated Ceres STEM Ambassador, who will provide regular support and mentorship throughout your Reimagine journey.

🚀 The animation challenge: This is where the magic truly unfolds. We’re seeking animations that not only capture our judges’ imagination, but also spark change. Your creations will be evaluated on:

  • Originality that leaves us in awe.
  • Creativity that knows no bounds.
  • Depth of scientific research that’s the hallmark of a true explorer.
  • Impact that makes waves, creating a call to action for change.

🏆 Competition categories: You’re in for a treat – all entries submitted are in with the chance to winning one of three prizes:

  • Best Overall Winner – the one that captures hearts and minds and offers a credible solution that inspires a call-to-action from the viewers.
  • Best Scientific Research – where in-depth research and analysis has been applied to develop your story.
  • Best Animation – a celebration of visual brilliance and story-telling.

Are you ready to embark on this unforgettable quest to reimagine clean energy? Gather your team, harness your creativity, and watch as your ideas come to life!

Visit the website for more info: