Join in the next STEM Learning Bites focusing on practical teaching and assessment

By Elizabeth Hooper posted 21-04-2022 13:47


STEM Learning Bites give STEM teachers the opportunity to access experienced education professionals in a given field to help improve their practice.  Each month there will be a guest speaker who will introduce their area of educational expertise which is then followed by a discussion. 

Please note - In order to participate in these sessions you must be a member of the STEM Community. You can easily join by following this link. 

Alistair is a science education researcher and curriculum developer at the University of York Science Education Group (UYSEG), with 17 years of experience in the teaching, assessment and development of curricula & resources for secondary school science. He is a member of the Curriculum Committee of the Royal Society of Biology and a senior examiner for GCSE science for a major exam board. His recent research has focused on the pedagogy and assessment of practical work in secondary science, and he has been the lead biology researcher and developer for the Best Evidence Science Teaching (BEST) project since it began in 2016.

In this STEM Learning Bites session Alistair will be highlighting for teachers the findings and implications of a major four-year research project into best practice in the teaching and assessment of practical work in secondary science. Find out how to “mind the GAP!” in practical teaching and assessment. The research was conducted by the University of York Science Education Group and King's College London and was funded by Wellcome, the Gatsby Foundation and the Royal Society.

This session is at 4pm on 19 May and costs just £10+VAT to join. Book your place here.