Advertising for STEM partner for The Royal Society partnership project

By Jasmine Hinton posted 17 days ago

We are looking for one or a group of STEM ambassadors to work with a federation of primary schools in Hackney on a long-term, environmentally-based project. These STEM partners would assist us in our journey to completing sustainability focussed projects in our primary schools to enable our children to make a lasting, environmental impact on their local community. We would like to apply for a Royal Society partnership grant with 'Tomorrows climate scientists'. This allows access to £3000 worth of funding for our project to be a success. This requires specific knowledge and expertise from a STEM partner who would offer advice, guidance and support throughout the project. Climate projects can range from creating a green wall to making wind turbines to analysing biodiversity in the local area. Click here to find more information about 'Tomorrow's climate scientists' and other projects which have been completed: We are looking for STEM partners who work in a range of environmental science areas. The environmental project we choose would be influenced by the expertise of the STEM partners. As a STEM partner, you would have the opportunity to shape an environmental project in one or more primary schools in our federation and make an impact on young minds. STEM partners would have great communication skills, as they would upskill teachers with their subject knowledge, direct teachers and pupils to resources and give presentation to pupils about subject areas relating to their project. A key part of this project is to have engaged directly with our students (either in-person or virtually). We would like to present our projects at a community event, where parents and local people can see what we have done to make environmental change! The STEM partners would work flexibly to offer any other support when necessary. STEM partners must be actively working in a STEM role, above graduate level or with appropriate industrial experience and cannot be someone whose main be role is the provision of outreach or education. STEM partners can be from an academic or industry role. This would be an ad hoc role with ongoing support throughout the lifetime of the project (approximately one full year). The lead school would be St John and St James, please get in touch if you would like to know anything else or would like to be a partner in our exciting journey!