Discussion of the Week (primary): Science games to play in the classroom

By Karen Brunyee posted 16-04-2021 11:46

Every Friday we’ll highlight our pick for Discussion of the week. 

This week, we’ve chosen   
Science games to play in the classroom because it has been great fun to read and is packed with ideas for hands-on games to help KS1 children learn and practise science vocabulary. Here’s a quick round up of just a few of the games that are described:

  • Taking inspiration from the book ‘Science beyond the classroom boundaries for 3-5 year olds’, by  Lynne Bianchi & Rosemary Feasey, why not investigate which natural materials in the school grounds would be best for building the Three Little Pigs house.
  • For something online, have a look at Dinosaur Discover
  • Play 'Heads Up' - where one child will have a card or post-it note with a word written on and they have to ask questions of the children who can see it to try and work out what it is.
  • For a more energetic game, these cards can be used for a ‘run-around’ quiz
  • Find out how to make outdoor play stations and science boxes for use during free time
  • Download the Science Taboo game shared by Kathryn Horan

You can read all of the suggestions here: Science games to play in the classroom

Thank you to @Ganix Illarramendi  @Matthew King @Karen Brunyee @Alison Ackroyd @Jo Montgomery @Kathryn Horan and @Francesca Campbell for all the ideas shared.​​​​​​​​