Discussion of the Week (primary): Planning for Working Scientifically

By Karen Brunyee posted 23-04-2021 12:40


This is a growing discussion looking at ideas and activities for children to practice their working scientifically skills.

@Karen Brunyee shared the link to a Working Scientifically vocabulary list, and @Kate Frost shared a lovely idea for a maths starter, which helps children to develop their pipetting skills:  Ask children to see how many water drops they can fit on a penny and then predict how many would fit on a 2p.

@Kate Redhead suggested several  'As you come in' activities, including:

What's wrong and why? There is an incorrect diagram on the board that students must re-draw and label to make it correct e.g. incorrect electric circuit;  incorrectly labelled forces diagram.

The discussion is now evolving into talking about ways of assessing Working Scientifically, and the importance of providing lots of opportunities for teaching the different skills.  So much information was provided from @Naomi Hiscock and @Hester Binge on this that it’s difficult to summarise! 
 Advice on whether a lesson should have either a knowledge objective or a skills objective, or whether you can you complete both in one lesson.  Which skills should be covered in which year group?  Ideas for tracking where children are with their WS skills as they move through school.  Also a recommended book for ‘Six- minute Star’ activities.

To read through the comments or join in the discussion, have a look at:  Planning for Working Scientifically