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PRIMARY:  Slow Motion Teachmeet,

By Karen Hornby posted 23-03-2021 14:30


We'd like to announce our first Slow Motion Teachmeet, starting 20th April.

We hope you take away lots of ideas to use in your classroom.   We will post the link to the presentations in this blog on 20th April, or you can view them in the Primary STEM Group

How will it work?

Each presentation will be exactly the same kind of 'show and tell' presentations that you're used to in face to face Teachmeets, except they will be in the form of a short video – no more than about two minutes -  posted into a single discussion thread in the Primary STEM Group.

We'll post the first video on 20th April, give 48 hours for comments or discussion, and then post the next video into the same discussion thread, and so on through the half term……… hence the 'slow motion. 

This means you will be able to watch the presentations at a time and place that suits you.

We'd like to thank all of our amazing members who have already signed up to present!

Huge thanks to @Francesca Campbell  @Alison Hogben @Carol Davenport @Helen Ansell @Kate Sutton @Kate Redhead @Jenny Barrowcliff @Stacey Wheeler @Naomi Hiscock @Steven Shaw @Hester Binge @Kathryn Horan @Kathy Schofield @Jo Montgomery @Mike Cargill