Opportunity for 8-11-year-olds to be involved in science education research

By Rachel Collins posted 29-04-2021 10:33


Megan Milarski is an MSc student researcher in the Department of Education at the University of Oxford conducting a research study that aims to explore how young people engage with science in their everyday lives by asking them to create a diary and complete a questionnaire. All participants are welcome, no matter their interest in science! Taking part would involve children and guardians completing a short online questionnaire that takes about 10 minutes and children creating a diary for at least one day that shares experiences that they consider to be related to science. If they would like to, children can also take part in an optional online interview or complete an activity at home in their own time. To find out more, children can watch this 3-minute information video (https://bit.ly/2ZfJBMZ; captions provided) and please read this information sheet for guardians (https://bit.ly/32HesUl). Megan can also print and post this information and/or discuss taking part over the phone (07443975355) or by email (megan.milarski@education.ox.ac.uk).

If you would like to find out more detailed information about the study, why it’s being done and how it’s being conducted, please take a look at the information sheet for guardians (https://bit.ly/32HesUl). At the end of the project, she will share the findings with all involved.