Science educators sought for R&D on an interactive virtual science experiences open access authoring tool

By Rachel Collins posted 24-06-2021 13:47

Labster is looking for science educators (formal or informal) to participate in some R&D on a new open access authoring tool they're designing that allows anyone to build and publish interactive virtual science experiences, like, or ideally better than theirs at Labster. Here’s some background:

Labster’s been making interactive content for almost 10 years and is used by millions of learners around the world (See our website <> or this video <>). They now want to enable any educator to create virtual interactive science content using our development tools and publish it to our growing user base, or to your own! They want the tool to be both useful and motivating to use without much technical expertise, so they'd love to talk to potential authors before we launch it. If you think you’d make a great content author, fill out this contact form <> and they'll connect with you to set up a call.