STEM Community Annual Survey Update

By Tim Bradbury posted 06-12-2023 08:31


Good morning! 

Thank you to everyone who took part in our annual STEM Community members survey.  I'm pleased to say the results have shot up this year with extremely positive feedback about the new design and changes to the way digest emails work.  Thanks also for loads of really constructive feedback on other ways we could improve the community to make your experience as good as we can. I will be working over the coming months on a 'You said, we did' campaign to make sure your views and ideas are incoroprated into the platform wherever possible (there are some actual platform restrictions which I cannot alter). Once again, from everyone at STEM Community Towers, thanks for taking your time to help improve our community and make it the best it can be. Now onto the big news you've been waiting for...  

Our Chief Exec @Severine Trouillet pulled an entry out of the hat and the winner of the £100 book voucher is... @Sarah Atkinson from Castleford Academy!!! I'll be in touch for an address and @Steve Castle will have your voucher in the post ASAP. 

Keep an eye out for more competitions and prizes, one idea from members was to create a competion and prizes page so they could be found easily, so I'm compiling a list of all of the STEM Community and national competions and will have that done soon! 

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07-12-2023 10:09

Congratulations @Sarah Atkinson for winning the prize and helping us making the STEM Community relevant and useful for our growing community of educators who come here for peer to peer learning, resources sharing and some fun too! A big thank you to our Community Manager @Tim Bradbury for making it an ever evolving platform responding to the educators' community that STEM Learning want to continue serving for the benefit of young people.