Weekly News Round-up 9/7/2024

By Tim Bradbury posted 14 days ago


In this week's educational landscape, significant strides and critical discussions have emerged. From innovative policies to pressing challenges, this summary provides UK STEM educators with the latest news, insightful analysis, and potential areas for reflection and action. This roundup covers stories from major education news platforms, ensuring a comprehensive overview for teachers seeking to stay informed and inspired.

### Major Headlines

#### **BBC Education News**

1. **Education Secretary Begins Push to Recruit 6,500 New Teachers**  
   The new Education Secretary has launched a campaign aimed at recruiting 6,500 new teachers to address staffing shortages in UK schools. This initiative is part of a broader effort to enhance educational outcomes and support students. [Read more](

2. **Online Safety Warning as School Holidays Begin in Scotland**  
   With the start of the summer holidays, Scottish schools are emphasizing the importance of online safety. Parents and educators are being urged to guide children on safe internet practices to protect them from online risks. [Read more](

3. **Blanket Highlighting School Exclusion Unveiled**  
   A new initiative has been introduced to highlight the issue of school exclusions, providing data and resources to understand and address the factors leading to student exclusion. [Read more](

#### **Sky News Education**

1. **Labour Pledges to Create 100,000 Extra Nursery Places**  
   The Labour Party has promised to create an additional 100,000 nursery places, aiming to support early childhood education and alleviate pressure on working families. [Read more](

2.  **Trainee Teachers to Be Offered Fee-Free Apprenticeship Degrees**  
   A new apprenticeship scheme will allow trainee teachers to earn their degrees without incurring tuition fees, addressing both the teacher shortage and the financial barriers to entering the profession. [Read more](

#### **Schools Week**

1. **Scaled Scores for 2024 Key Stage 2 SATs Announced**  
   The Department for Education has released the scaled scores for the 2024 Key Stage 2 SATs, providing benchmarks for student assessment and performance. [Read more](

2. **Trust Sponsor to Trial Youth Hubs for At-Risk Pupils**  
   A pioneering project will see the creation of youth hubs aimed at supporting at-risk pupils, offering additional resources and guidance to keep them engaged in education. [Read more](

3. **Catherine McKinnell Appointed Education Minister**  
   Catherine McKinnell has been appointed as the new Education Minister, bringing a fresh perspective to address the educational challenges and policies in the UK. [Read more](

#### **FE Week**

1. **Former Home Secretary Jacqui Smith Expected to Become Skills and FE Minister**  
   Jacqui Smith, former Home Secretary, is anticipated to take on the role of Skills and Further Education Minister, bringing her experience to the forefront of vocational education. [Read more](

2. **Investigation into Fake Skills Cards in Construction**  
   An investigation has uncovered the use of fake skills cards in the construction industry, raising concerns about the validity of qualifications and the safety of building sites. [Read more](

3. **Call for WorldSkills Winner Cash Prizes**  
   There is a growing call for cash prizes for winners of the WorldSkills competition, to incentivize and recognize the achievements of vocational students. [Read more](

#### **TES Magazine**

1. **Labour’s Education Policy: What Schools Can Expect**  
   An analysis of Labour’s education policies, outlining the expected changes and their potential impact on schools and educational outcomes. [Read more](

2. **IB Results 2024: UK Students Beat Global Average Again**  
   UK students have outperformed the global average in the 2024 International Baccalaureate exams, reflecting the high standards of education in the country. [Read more](

3. **How Boys Are Being Led to Misogyny - and What to Do About It**  
   A critical look at the influence of online content on young boys and the steps schools can take to counteract misogynistic attitudes and behaviors. [Read more](

#### **Education Endowment Foundation**

1. **Two New Reviews Investigate Key Challenges for Writing and Secondary Maths Teaching**  
   The EEF has published two new reviews that explore current practices and highlight challenges in teaching writing and secondary mathematics, offering insights for educators. [Read more](

2. **EEF Blog: Defying the Dip - One School’s Approach to Supporting Pupils’ Transition Between Primary and Secondary School**  
   An insightful blog post on how one school successfully managed the transition for pupils moving from primary to secondary education, addressing common challenges and strategies. [Read more](

3. **New EEF Podcast: Using Research Evidence Well in Education**  
   A new podcast series by the EEF discusses how educators can effectively use research evidence to inform their teaching practices and improve student outcomes. [Read more](

### Reflections for Educators

1. **Recruitment and Training**: The push to recruit new teachers and provide fee-free apprenticeship degrees presents an opportunity to address staffing shortages. Reflect on how your school can support new teachers and integrate them into the school community effectively.

2. **Online Safety**: With the increased emphasis on online safety, consider revisiting and reinforcing your school’s online safety policies. How can you better educate students and parents about the risks and safe practices?

3. **Curriculum and Assessment**: The release of scaled scores and new policies in sex education prompts a review of current curricula. Are there areas in your school’s curriculum that need updating or reevaluation to meet new standards and student needs?

4. **Support for At-Risk Students**: The introduction of youth hubs for at-risk pupils highlights the importance of targeted support. Reflect on the support systems in place at your school for vulnerable students and how they can be improved.

5. **Professional Development**: The insights from EEF reviews and podcasts emphasize the importance of using research evidence in teaching. Consider how ongoing professional development can be aligned with the latest educational research to enhance teaching practices.

### Conclusion

This week’s news underscores the dynamic nature of the education sector and the continuous efforts to improve and adapt to new challenges. For STEM educators, staying informed and reflective is key to fostering a robust and supportive learning environment. Use these insights to spark conversations and drive positive changes in your school community.


Stay tuned for more updates and feel free to share your thoughts on these developments. For further reading and continuous updates, visit the links provided with each news story.

Note: This blog post is an AI curated summary of news articles from various sources. The aim is to provide educators with a comprehensive overview of recent developments in the education sector. All hyperlinks direct readers to the original news articles for further reading.