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Casting all - Lessons with Laureates - 14-16 year olds

By Rachel Collins posted 10-09-2021 16:22

Have you got a question you’d love to ask a top scientist? Have you ever wanted to meet a Nobel prize winner?

BBC Teach have commissioned Econ Films to create a series of 5 minute videos called Lessons with Laureates for the BBC Teach website. In this series of films, two lucky young people (ages 14-16) will have a casual chat with some of the top Nobel Prize-winning scientists in the world. Econ Films are looking for 14-16 year olds to feature in these videos, talking to the scientists. This is your chance to ask a top astrophysicist about life on other planets, or a leading biologist about the weird and wonderful natural world!

Filming will be across one day. All travel, food and expenses for both the young people and their guardians (if accompanying them) will be provided for. If a guardian or teacher cannot accompany, Econ Films can supply a licensed chaperone for the day. We are looking for kids from all across the UK and from all walks of life. We are especially interested to hear from those of you based near London, Cambridge, Sheffield and Glasgow (but don’t let that put you off getting in touch if you aren’t).

If you are interested but aren’t sure what you’d ask a top scientist, have no fear! We at Econ Films can help you prepare for the filming day. Filming will be a relaxed, enjoyable process.

What: One day of filming for the BBC. During the day, you will ask a top scientist some questions on camera, which they will answer. We may do a few short interview questions with you as well.
When: On one day between October and November.
Where: We are yet to secure all locations, but there will definitely be filming in Cambridge, Sheffield and Glasgow.
Who: 14-16 Year Olds, about to take their GCSEs.

If you are interested, please contact