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Become a 'Next Generation Champion' and get involved in international collaboration

By Steve Castle posted 11 days ago


We would like to share an opportunity to apply to become a Next Generation Champion as part of SOIF’s National Strategy for the Next generation (NSxNG) programme! This is a great opportunity to represent young people in shaping the national narrative of the UK.

Brexit, Covid-19 and Black Lives Matter have shown us that we need to re-examine the role the UK should play in the world. We need new national stories and we need stories that offer genuine alternatives to the status quo. Youth voices must be at the forefront of shaping these stories so that they are relevant to the generation that will inherit them.

Everyone who applies will be invited to become a part of the NSxNG community, so together we can advocate for more participative approaches to national strategy making. If you are selected to be a Next Generation Champion you will also get to present youth perspectives to high level policy makers, take part in discussions with some of the country’s leading thinkers and be featured in the SOIF newsletter website and social media. There will also be the chance to be a co-author on the assembly’s report on the future role of the UK in the world.

To find out more about the opportunity and to apply please complete this form. We hope you will join us to reimagine a national story for the UK that is fit for the next generation.