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COP26: What do teachers need to do now?

By Tim Bradbury posted 16-11-2021 08:06


As well as reflecting on the fortnight’s events, we should now look ahead and ask ourselves: how will things be different next year, at COP27? How will the world have moved on in the battle against climate change by November 2022?

In the area of education, at least, we have some indication of how things might look. Both Jeremey Miles, Welsh education minister, and education secretary Nadhim Zahawi made big announcements in regards to the steps they’d like to see schools take. 

In Wales, from January 2022, all new school and college buildings, major refurbishment and extension projects will be required to meet net zero carbon targets. 

In England, teachers will be supported to deliver world-leading climate change education” through a model science curriculum, due to be in place by 2023. There will also be a new virtual National Education Nature Park which will encourage students to increase the biodiversity in their school grounds, as well as a new Climate Award which will recognise students’ work in protecting the local environment. 

The push for change is being driven from the very top. But do the announcements go far enough? Not really, say Dr Lynda Dunlop and Dr Elizabeth Rushton.

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